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FINALLY! As a result of the Telecom Act of 1996, you can now receive a substantial discount on your local telephone service!

reviously you could not choose your local telephone company. You had to do business with a monopoly, pay their prices, and tolerate their customer service. ECC is proud to be one of the first Montana-based companies to offer an alternative to the big monopoly.

  • If you do not currently have local phone service, ECC can install it for you at a competitive price.

  • If you already have local phone service with the big monopoly, switching to ECC is easy. You can even keep your same phone number!

Here are just some of the many advantages of choosing ECC for your local phone service:

NO MORE LONG HOLD TIMES OR FRUSTRATING CALL ROUTING SYSTEMS. ECC knows your time is valuable. We will give you personalized customer service, not computerized customer service!

NO MORE MYSTERIOUS CHARGES! Ever see charges on your local phone bill from unknown companies for calls you do not recognize? That won’t happen with ECC’s local service because we do not accept billing from other companies. ECC virtually eliminates the need to dispute unauthorized phone charges, saving you time and money.

NO MORE SLAMMING! ECC makes slamming (i.e. the unauthorized switching of long distance carriers) virtually impossible. ECC will verify outside carrier change requests with you prior to a switch being made.

ONE STOP SHOPPING FOR ALL OF YOUR TELECOM NEEDS! Choose your long distance through ECC and have your choice of several different companies and networks. ECC regularly searches the industry for the best over-all long distance programs to offer our customers.

With ECC you’ll have a single point of contact for all of your telecom needs! ECC’s services are available individually or together in a convenient package:

  • LOCAL PHONE SERVICE - One free month of local phone service per year!* 

  • LONG DISTANCE SERVICE - The most competitive long distance programs in the industry.

  • OTHER SERVICES - Travel cards, 800 numbers, high-speed internet lines, internet service, voice mail, caller ID, and more!

ECC IS MONTANA OWNED AND OPERATED. We have a 18 year track record and are proud to have one of the highest customer retention ratios in the industry.

THIS COULD BE THE MOST BENEFICIAL DECISION YOU MAKE ALL YEAR! Sign up now and start saving. Converting to ECC is easy

Essen Communications Corporation
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